Mission Statements

Method Press is an art-filled idea magazine celebrating lo-fi thinkers. It is a consensus-based, not-for-profit, member run/owned, collectively managed magazine madly tracking down art as it moans to record its progress in history. We are not only interested in the making of art but in the art in the making.

We aim for an honest look at our artistic generation and what we are exploring, how, & why. We not only welcome artists but anyone who loves ideas whether you are a student, scientist, or professional clown.  

Started by Katie King at the end of 2010, along with a dream team freshly plucked from members of the Female Photographers of Etsy, Method Press has been growing and changing ever since.


*Quality over quantity (no focus on number of pages)
*Artists will be asked how they would like to present their work. This can range from anything from a story to an interview to a sentence to images to a dream they had once...any way they see fit to sum up their workings (the more creative the better)
* Quarterly Magazine
* Each issue will include both a themed section and main section. The main section will include regular features (local columns, new technology in art, fPOE features and spreads, ads, upcoming prelaunches..etc)
*The magazine will have a focus on process over product, highlighting pre-launches and artists as they work versus artist's finished works
*Each issue will include a "goodie" or physical component
which will be in the form of an unused piece of art from a featured artists from that issue. This could be scanned images of candy wrappers eaten while a writer was hard at work for several months, screen shots of unread email boxes unopened due to weeks spent hard at making music in the form of a small sticker...whatever
* The magazine will be run by consensus versus democratic vote
*we will use kickstarter as a fundraising platform, issuu for a digital sharing platform and magcloud for a printing & publishing platform
*magazine respects the idea of nonviolence and will not feature weapons or surrounding issues in most cases.

*magazine will not feature either sex in a way that is demeaning or objectifying.