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Interview with Kyle Levenick, Issue 02

Funny story: Kyle had told me he was interested in an interview via twitter after a tweet I posted about wanting to speak with some comedians or funny people. We set up to meet in Oakland, and the entire time I was thinking that I had never met him before. His twitter picture didn't really look familiar, but he sent me some comedy videos he was in and I kept thinking "man, that guy looks familiar" but couldn't tell why. When I met him, he greeted me with a friendly hug which I thought was a bit strange for a first-time meeting, but I'm always up for a hug. Anyways, twenty minutes into our interview, I suddenly realize that I had actually known him, in person, in New York. He had actually trained me for a bit while I was interning for the NY Neofuturists! Anyways, it was so hilarious that I had not put two and two together by then. How could I have not recognized him when we spent a few months in the same theater audience most weekends?

Also, the garage band app on the borrowed ipad I was using was strangely not recording anything longer than about 7 seconds...so we ended up recording the entire interview on his cell phone. Low-fi, rock on. (And yes, I'm super grateful we didn't have to go 100% low-fi and do hand written short hand..)

Anyways, feel free to take a listen to the majority of our interview, sans introduction: