Fluffy Monster Shout-out

Collectively knows as "the monsters", we are the super-goofy fluffy kids of Method Press's Senior Editor person.   Like Gretel's mom, our mom isn't really doing much editing either, and figures she needs to find a better title.   She thinks our real editing and design team totally rock.   Working with all these cool people putting together the mag has been very fun for her, even though she doesn't really know what she is doing.   She can be pretty goofy like that.   She gave us Cheetos for this photo, however.   We kept taking turns bouncing up and down because we are soooooo cookie-deprived we could not help ourselves!   We were almost as bouncy and overpowering as we are when it is time for our walkies!

We fluffies want to give a big shout out to Hansel and Gretel.   We wish you could chase balls with us and annoy the neighbor dogs.    There is also a cat around here somewhere - she was giving us the Evil Cat look so we are plotting to annoy her at a time when she is off guard.    Mom says cats are not snacks.  :(    This totally bums us out! 


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