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I'm a fan of the funny story. I'm not a total riot; I'm not the funniest person that you'll ever meet but once in awhile people are kind enough to call the sarcasm that I find a home in "wit" and my strange way of viewing life as "hilarious".

I am a fan of the funnies. Or the funny papers. Or the comics. Mostly the first two endearing titles. I have some in my purse tucked away in preparation for combat against a very dull moment. I believe they are the best part of the newspaper. Not only are they in color-but they come with jokes. What could be better?

My favorite comic is probably garfield minus garfield. I adore it. I laugh out loud all over it.

Growing up, my family was big on funny. It was get funny or get out. Laughing at yourself seemed key. Still does.

I guess that's my favorite part about the funny story. The power it gives. Not everyone finds the same things laughable, but when you decide to laugh at an event-you are in essence choosing what is funny and what is not. What can be trivial and what can not be. It could be the most powerful thing you do all day.

Coming home from what I felt was a hard day's work as a 16 year old bus girl in Alaska, I would complain to my mom as soon as I entered the door, but I realized as the words were coming out-that they didn't sound as depressing and dark as my day felt, they sounded ironic, uncanny, and undeniably...funny.

What was going on? I had planned on a pity party and what I was getting was an audience. When I heard the words I was saying and considered them from another person's perspective, I realized how ridiculous everything became. It was the difference between winning & loosing. It didn't make it better, but it made it workable. Almost worth it. I fluctuate between believing that really good material makes really bad life experiences worth it, and that they don't. Right now I'm with the latter.

The power is not usually even the person telling the story but the person receiving the story. Through them our lives can become a little less serious.

I remember calling up my best friend at an unfortunate point in my then 19 -years- of- life. While most of my friends had told me how sorry they were to hear about my situation, she just-flat out, laughed. Loud and brash and long. Before long I was laughing too. She apologized. I said "no, that's awesome-that's the best I've felt all day. At least this is serving some purpose" and she asked "you do realize how pathetic this all sounds don't you?" and the thing was, I hadn't. I hadn't realized it at all till she said that. That's why she's my best friend.

Issue 02 is out. We hope you laugh your tie off, or at least get a few chuckles in. It's 80 pages jam packed with beautiful brilliance. If it's not on your wishlist, it will be.

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