The proof is in...

Hey, everyone! Mandy here, and I've been unbelievably busy these days. I was recently welcomed as a member of The Artisan Group, a wonderful team that assembles gift bags for major celebrity events. Basically, what that means is that my work will be included in the celebrity gift bags at the Primetime Emmy Awards in September! Gahhh! So, yeah. Pretty busy, but in a good way.

But on to the real reason I'm blogging today... I have the lovely privilege of formally introducing you to the printed copy of Method Press Issue 1! And I would just like to say, in my unbiased opinion, it truly is a feast for the eyes. The pages are crisp, and the colors are rich and beautiful. I'm so, so proud of everyone who helped make this a reality! Here's a peek at the finished product.

If you're feeling like you've got to get your hands on a copy of this delightful magazine, please send $15 to, via Paypal. I think you're gonna love it. ♥

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